February 2023 Our paper Mumak: efficient and black-box bug detection for Persistent Memory has been accepted at Eurosys 2023.

January 2023 Our paper Practical Limitations of Ethereum’s Layer-2 has been accepted at IEEE Access.

November 2022 Our paper NimbleChain: Speeding up cryptocurrencies in general-purpose permissionless blockchains has been accepted at ACM DLT.

July 2022 Our EU Horizon 2020 project TRUSTyFOOD - Stakeholders-driven pathways for blockchain implementation in the agri-food sector has started.

June 2022 Our paper SconeKV: a Scalable, Strongly Consistent Key-Value Store has been accepted at TPDS.

June 2022 Our paper Securing Cross-Chain Asset Transfers on Permissioned Blockchains has been accepted at BlockTEE.

January 2022 Our FCT project Ainur about evaluating crash-consistency guarantees in PM applications just started. Webpage will be ready soon.

October 2021 Our paper Kauri: Scalable BFT Consensus with Pipelined Tree-Based Dissemination and Aggregation. has been accepted at SOSP 2021.

September 2021 Our paper Consensusless cryptocurrencies in Ethereum got the best paper award at INForum 2021! Congratulations to Paulo and João.

June 2021 Our FCT project Ainur about evaluating crash-consistency guarantees in PM applications got accepted for funding. It is scheduled to start in early 2022.

June 2020 Our paper FaultSee: Reproducible Fault Injection in Distributed Systems got accepted at EDCC’20.

March 2020 Our paper Exploiting Symbolic Execution to Accelerate Deterministic Databases got accepted at ICDCS’20.

May 2020 Our paper Impact of Geo-distribution and Mining Pools on Blockchains: A Study of Ethereum got accepted at DSN’20.

March 2020 Our paper Kollaps: Decentralized and Dynamic Topology Emulation got accepted at EuroSys’20.

June 2019 Our paper THUNDERSTORM: a tool to evaluate dynamic network topologies on distributed systems got accepted at SRDS’19.

July 2018 - I will be giving a keynote at the ApPLIED Workshop - Advanced tools, programming languages, and PLatforms for Implementing and Evaluating algorithms for Distributed systems held in conjunction with PODC-2018.

June 2018 - The Angainor project officially started.